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About us

Mining Bulletin is one of world’s leading metallurgical and minerals information provider in China, with brands in the minerals and steel research and consulting industry. The Mining Bulletin team consists of professional minerals and metal experts within the industry and serves companies to countries worldwide.  Mining Bulletin can provide you with daily industry news, market prices, research report and enterprises.

Daily News – Delivering breaking-news to our customers enabling our subscribers to have competitive edge in barging position.

Analysis –Mining Bulletin gives you the in-depth analysis on metals, to help producers, end-users, financial institutions, and other allied stakeholders know of the minerals market trend.

Prices –Mining Bulletin provides you with every day market prices, and gives reference for producers, end-users, credit-lending institutions and researchers.

Data-Mining Bulletin provides you monthly, quarterly and yearly data of production, exports and imports.

Trade leads–Mining Bulletin has good relation with the minerals suppliers, mines, steel mills, traders and smelters. You can get your buyers and suppliers on our website.

Research Report–Mining Bulletin Research Report team consists of professional minerals and metal experts, they can give you macro analysis and forecast for future market.

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