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CISA: Chinese steel industry continues to face many pressures Fri, 08 May 2015 10:49:13 +0800

According to a new report issued by the China Iron and Steel Association, in the first quarter of the current year China produced 177 million MT of pig iron, down 2.3% while it imported 227.06 million MT of iron ore up 2.4% both year on year. As the end of April, inventories of imported iron ore at ports in China amounted to 95.07 million MT dow...

Declining trend in steel prices has stopped – Mr CS Verma Thu, 23 Apr 2015 01:58:40 +0800

Enthused by the government’s new growth initiatives, Mr CS Verma chairman of Steel Authority of India Limited (SAIL) expects no less than 8% to 9% growth in steel demand in the current fiscal, from an anaemic 3.1% last fiscal. In an exclusive interview with Mr Surya Sarathi Ray of FE, Verma, who is also chairman of the Indian Steel Associa...

SAIL Chairman remains positive on steel demand growth in India Sat, 28 Feb 2015 09:50:47 +0800

Mr Chandra Shekhar Verma Chairman SAIL talks about steering the company in the current tough times, when local as well as global demand is depressed. He shares his action plan for the next 10 years and talks about his five years at the helm. Q - SAIL has been battling stagnant domestic demand in recent years. How does the year ahead look? A -...

Steel Talks - "Steel industry needs to re-invent itself as backbone of India's economy" Wed, 04 Feb 2015 10:00:45 +0800

In an exclusive interview to Saket Kumar Jha Senior Analyst Steel Guru Dr Anil Dhawan, Commercial Director of Visa Steel, touched upon the vital issues of the growth in steel sector catering to the demand from projected economic growth in India. Q - World Economic Report update released by the International Monetary Fund outlined that India is e...

Iron-Ore Miners to Drive Exports as Prices Fall, BHP Says Sun, 30 Nov 2014 15:05:00 +0800

BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP), the world’s biggest mining company, signaled there will be no slowdown in the drive by global iron-ore producers to boost production even as prices slump. “Even the iron-ore price where it is today can induce more volume,” Jimmy Wilson, BHP’s president of iron ore, said in an interview broadcast yesterday by Austra...

Rio Tinto unfazed by falling iron ore prices Mon, 10 Nov 2014 05:08:55 +0800

Global miner Rio Tinto, which gets 92% of its revenue from iron ore, is unfazed by the drop in ore prices and sticking to plans to raise output. Mr Sam Walsh CEO of Rio Tinto said that the Anglo Australian miner, which rebuffed an approach from commodities trader Glencore Plc in August, is also confident of increasing returns to shareholders at ...

Vale admits that everyone is nervous about the iron ore price crash Fri, 26 Sep 2014 10:01:15 +0800

Brazilian mining giant Vale has admitted it is nervous about the plunge in iron ore prices below USD 80 per tonne as the Chinese government dampens hopes of aggressive policy stimulus to fuel growth. Mr Stephen Potter Vale's director of strategic planning said that “It is always a challenge for large mining companies to work out their exposure t...

BHP expects China to cut more higher-cost domestic iron ore output Thu, 17 Jul 2014 16:17:22 +0800

BHP Billiton Ltd. (BHP), the world's largest mining company, expects China to cut more higher-cost domestic iron ore output as the biggest global producers flood the market with low-cost supply. "As Australia expands its ability to export more and more high-quality iron ore, the Chinese are producing less and less domestically," BHP Chief Exe...

MMX: It is hard to find partner for low iron ore price Fri, 27 Jun 2014 16:12:43 +0800

Brazilian miner MMX, controlled by local tycoon Eike Batista, said  that the search for a partner to help fund its expansion had become harder as the price of iron ore fell. MMX Mineração e Metálicos, as the company is formally known, is in the process of restructuring and looking for a partner for its Serra Azul mine project, in Minas G...

Rio Tinto CEO: China's steel demand will keep growing Thu, 29 May 2014 15:11:48 +0800

Miner wants to build relations as iron ore market gets competitive. The world's second-largest miner, Rio Tinto Group, faces an ever more competitive iron ore market. It wants stronger relations with China, the world's biggest steelmaker. "As China continues its urbanization and industrialization process, the steel demand will ...

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